• CPI National Council

21st Congress of NFIW

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India congratulates the NFIW for conducting a successful conference at Jaipur in December 27th to 30th, 2019 and also congratulates new leadership and assures all cooperation from the Party in their struggle for establishing equality amongst gender and for security to women and children in the society and for empowerment of women.

The Congress elected Aruna Roy and Annie Raja as President and General Secretary respectively.

Gargi Chakravartty, Kamala Sadanandan, P. Padmavathy, Noor Zaheer, Shyamasree Das, Susheela Sahai, Ahsa Mishra, Asomi Gogoi, Rajinder Pal Kaur, Philomina John, Sunita Cthurveti, Smita Pansare and Durga Bhawani were elected as Vice President.

The Congress also elected Nisha Siddhu, Aruna Sinha, Kanwaljeet Dhillon, Dr. Koninika Ray, Dr. Rejani, Nivedita Jha, Adv. P. Vasantham as national secretaries and Deepti Bharti as assistant secretary.

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