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Accept Farmers Demand - Repeal the Three Agri-Laws

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (January 8, 2021):

The 8th round of talks between the government of India and the farmers’ unions ended without arriving at any solutions. While farmers’ unions are demanding the repeal of all the three agri-laws, the government remains rigid, adamant and arrogant not accepting the demand of the farmers.

The CPI condemns the attitude of the government. Government must be sincere in holding talks and sensitive to the concerns expressed by the farmers. Braving cold weather and other difficulties farmers have converged to Delhi and are agitating for more than 44 days.

The CPI demands that the government should accept the demand of farmers and repeal the three agri-laws. The farmers struggle has become a countrywide struggle supported by all sections of the people.



Office Secretary

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