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Call for Nation-wide Campaign

Updated: May 2, 2020

May Day Greetings!

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (May 1, 2020) calling for nation-wide campaign:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has decided to launch on May 4, 2020 and onwards all possible forms of peaceful protests demanding the following main demands. The protests can be held in places which are allowed to maintain lockdown norms, in party offices or in the residences by holding party flags, placards and posters.

* Extend unconditional relief measures to stranded migrant labour: The conditions of millions of migrant labourers across the country are miserable and cannot be allowed to continue so. Hence, the Party demands the central and state governments to extend all help including food, clean drinking water, masks, sanitisers and other health care items etc, to all the stranded migrant labourers. The central government should ensure all financial help to the states to discharge this humanitarian responsibility.

* Provide Special trains so that migrants can reach their native places: The central government must not abdicate its duty of taking care of all its citizens. It must arrange special trains so that the migrant labourers and the daily wage earners, who have been serving the metros and other centres of industrial activities to earn a livelihood are in unprecedented distress can reach their native places immediately.

* Extend help to all stranded students in various parts of the country: These students, stranded in various places of the country find themselves with no facilities to fend themselves. They are in pathetic conditions at times falling prey to local goons and religious fanatics. The central government again without abdicating its responsibility must ensure that those students are taken back to their families in their native places providing all necessary financial help to the states/ institutions.

* Release all dues/ necessary funds to the states to tide over the COVID-19 crisis: It is widely known that the central government has not yet released the GST dues and other necessary funds to the states while pampering corporate houses and rich investors, both domestic and foreign. It is pushing the state governments to more difficulties. The Party urges the central government to strictly follow fiscal federalism and release all dues/ funds without any further delay. The government must also look into the serious concern of the farmers and rural economy. MSMEs too urgently need government support to revive bringing back the labourers after paying all their dues. A sum of Rs.7,000 must be transferred to the accounts of all workers from the government exchequer who are at present without any wages also their jobs both permanent and contractual must be protected.

The National Secretariat has also decided to observe the 202nd birth anniversary of Karl Marx on May 5, 2020, the greatest philosopher and thinker who had not only interpreted the world but also worked how the world can be changed, in the best way possible.



Office Secretary

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