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Constitute the Full Bench on Reservation Without Delay: CPI

Communist Party of India general secretary D RAJA issued the following statement today (August 28, 2020):

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India wants that full constitutional bench be constituted at the earliest to resolve different views regarding reservations given by the Constitution. At the outset party opines that reservation given to SC and ST is not anti-poverty programme and mainly an affirmative programme to create equality in social life. However, over a period of time many states have done the sub-categorisation for reservation. The government of Tamil Nadu under the Chief Ministership of Karunanidhi had provided reservation to one sub category under SC/ST list. An attempt was made by the then state of Andhra Pradesh to do so, but was rejected by Supreme Court in 2004 (EV Chinnaiah vs state of Andhra Pradesh). The present bench of Supreme Court has said that a full bench be constituted to decide the matter.

The Party points out that Supreme Court has directed that reservation should not exceed 50 per cent hence the matter of 10 per cent reservation given by the central government to non OBC, SC, ST categories is pending before the court and same should also be settled at the earliest by referring it to a larger bench. As it is in Tamil Nadu, reservation must be kept in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution.

Because of rising unemployment the issue of reservation is used as a diversion to hide the real problem of faulty economic policies pursued by the government.

It is necessary to settle the issue at the earliest keeping the concept of social justice as enshrined in the Constitution.



Office Secretary

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