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CPI Celebrates 200th Birth Anniversary of Frederick Engels

The 200th birth anniversary of Frederick Engels was enthusiastically celebrated at the CPI Headquarters in Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi. The well-attended function on this historic occasion was addressed the CPI general secretary Com. D RAJA. Comrades from the party headquarters, Delhi state CPI, and some of those coming for the kisan rally from Rajasthan and other states also attended.

Com Raja paid tributes to Frederic Engels by garlanding his photo and offering flowers. All those present offered floral tributes one by one.

Com D Raja in his speech pointed out that today the party and others are celebrating one of the greatest thinkers in history, along with Karl Marx. Their friendship was unmatched in history. Together they laid the foundations of scientific socialism and Marxism. After Marx, it was Engels who carried forward his work and led the working class movement.

Today the world is passing through unprecedented health crisis. It was Engels who pointed out that health does not mean hospitals, doctors and nurses only. It means food, shelter, cleanliness, education, employment and political liberty to ensure physical and mental health. This is a comprehensive approach given by Engels. Thus he laid great emphasis on health and environment. He was thus the first to point this out.

Today we are facing agricultural and economic crisis. Kisans are out in huge numbers to demanding the repeal of the anti-farmer farm legislations passed by Modi government. When workers and farmers are waging country wide mass struggle, our party should be with them. We have to take up their issues. Engels’s teachings on class struggle are helpful here.

In the Corona pandemic in India and all the world, we are facing new problems of jobs, health and economic crisis. We have to oppose the policies of the government on these and other issues.

Ideas of Marx and Engels are ever young, and will always be remembered. We can say, Frederic Engels is 200 years ‘young’. Engels will guide forever. D Raja finished his speech by offering tributes to that great mind.

Party’s political and ideological school principal Anil Rajimwale also spoke.

Slogans were raised enthusiastically and sweets were distributed.



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