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CPI Celebrates 75th Independence Day

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (on August 15, 2021):

CPI General Secretary D. Raja, marking the 75th Independence Day hoisted the National Flag in the premises of central Party headquarters, Ajoy Bhavan on August 15, 2021. Com. Atul Kumar Anjaan, Secretary, National Council, Com. Nagendra Nath Ojha, National Executive Member, Comrades, Gulzar Singh Goria, Anil Rajimwale and Krishna Jha and Dr. A.A. Khan, National Council Members. Com. Dinesh Varshney, Secretary, Delhi State Council, Youth and Student leaders Com. Aftab Alam Khan, R. Thirumalai and Vicky Mahesari, and other comrades took part in the flag hoisting ceremony.

“With great enthusiasm and memories we celebrate our Independence Day, a symbol of dedication and sacrifices of our entire people towards building the identity of India,” said general secretary of the party D Raja while hoisting the national flag. He said, “The flag hoisting on the independence day is one of our sacred duties which we have been doing all these years and we will always defend our national flag.” He pointed out that right wing forces like BJP-RSS have always been alleging that we never celebrate our independence day, while the reality is our comrades have sacrificed their lives while struggling against British rule. In fact, RSS itself had played no role in the freedom struggle. Today, under the BJP rule, even our democratic structure faces challenges. Our party fought and played a frontline role in liberating the country from British rule, today we should take a pledge to fight and liberate the country from the BJP rule.” said D. Raja.



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