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CPI Condemns Amit Shah's Statement on Hindi and Demands its Withdrawal

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on September 14, 2019:

The Statement of Mr. Amit Shah on Hindi Diwas saying that if there is any single language that can ensure unity of our nation that is only Hindi smacks of attack on the very concept of diversity. The need today is to respect, protect and nurture diversity of our nation so that unity is ensured. Home Minister’s statement is an attack on federalism extending the politics and ideology of RSS to every sphere of life.

Communist Party of India strongly condemns these repeated attempts of Modi - Shah government to impose Hindi as part of Hindutva agenda of RSS. This will actually divide our Nation.

CPI warns this government to desist from these nefarious attempts and demands withdrawal of this statement.

CPI demands that this communal fascist government should stop using language as a tool for politics of polarisation and as a tactics for divisive purposes. CPI demands that all languages of the country should be treated equally. CPI stands for promotion and preservation of all our languages.


Office Secretary

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