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CPI Condemns Attack on Kanhaiya Kumar

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement to the Press:

The National Secretariat of Communist Party of India severely condemns the brutal attack on Com Kanhaiya Kumar today at Bachwada sub-division of Begusarai district of Bihar by the goons of BJP Yuva Morcha and Bajrang Dal. He was returning after a political campaign to motivate people to join CPI proposed massive rally on 25th October, 2018 at Patna. More than 50 goons attacked the convoy with weapons beaten colleagues of Kanhaiya, damaged several vehicles. Com Kanhaiya is safe but several comrades who resisted are injured.

It is certainly an attack to kill Kanhaiya Kumar. It is a shame on the part of the ruling clan to carry such inhuman attacks on popular student leader like Kanhaiya Kumar.

CPI demands immediate arrest of the culprits and severe punishment. The attack reflects the poor law and order situation in Bihar. CPI will not be afraid of these attacks of Hindutva communal forces and will fight back.

(Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy)

General Secretary, CPI

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