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CPI Condemns Brutal Attack on Anti-CAA Protesters

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement condemning the brutal attack on the people of Assam and Jamia Millia University students:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India severely condemns the RSS-controlled Narendra Modi government’s adamant attitude and arrogance over Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The Modi-Shah duo’s divisive polarizing move has already taken two innocent lives in Assam even as mass protests have already erupted in other Northeastern states. It has already led to brutal police attack of Jamia Millia Islamia students in the national capital.

The Party also wants to draw the attention of Modi-Shah to the mass protests taking place in most parts of the country, which cannot be suppressed with the help of police and army. It is high time the Modi government realizes the spontaneity of the protests without blaming any political party for the upsurge. In fact if anybody is responsible for the present situation, it is the government itself which assumes that its Hindutva agenda can be thrusted on Indian people who are committed to secularism.

Some of the state governments have already come out saying publicly that they will not implement the Citizenship Act as amended in their respective states. Instead of ignoring the massive rejection of the new regulatory citizenship norms, the government must desist from implementing the new legislation and resorting to brutal attack on students and the people.


Office Secretary

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