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CPI Condemns Delhi Police for Arresting People for Putting Up Posters

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following statement today (on May 17, 2021):

Delhi police have arrested some persons for putting up posters criticizing the government. This action is highly objectionable and anti-democratic. It is the democratic right of people to criticise government actions or inactions and this cannot be taken away. Unfortunately, authorities are misusing power and covid situation to impose their anti-democratic diktat. The Communist Party of India condemns this anti-democratic action and demands that arrested people be released immediately.

Covid mismanagement in India has become an issue of international criticism and in India people are asking questions and have every right to do so. Government which was busy patting its own back after 1st wave of covid is now exposed after the collapse of the health system and is trying to muzzle the criticism. Instead of suppressing facts, the government must try to improve health infrastructure and covid management. Opposition parties have written to the Prime Minister and demanded action in this regard. We sincerely hope that the government will give serious consideration to these suggestions and stop repression of the people.



Office Secretary

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