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CPI Condoles Passing Away of Dr. Gail Omvedt

D. RAJA, General Secretary, Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (on August 26, 2021):

Communist Party of India expresses its deep sorrow at the demise of renowned scholar and anti-caste activist Dr. Gail Omvedt. She passed away on August 25, 2021 in her village of Kasegaon, Sangli district, Maharashtra. She is survived by her husband and fellow traveler Bharat Patankar, daughter Prachi and the plethora of work she had done on vital issues like caste, Buddhism, women’s liberation and on contributions of Dr. Ambedkar.

Gail Omvedt was born in Minnesota, USA in 1941. After completing her PhD from UC Berkeley, she made India her home and started a journey of more than five decades of scholarship and activism. Omvedt was a leading light to many social movements in India, especially those launched on anti-caste, farmers’ and women’s issues. Her contribution to these progressive movements was not restricted to intellectual guidance and her life remained a brilliant blend of ideas and praxis.

Her major works includes Cultural Revolt in a Colonial Society: The non-Brahman Movement in Maharashtra, We Will Smash This Prison!: Indian Women in Struggle, Ambedkar: Towards an Enlightened India, Buddhism in India: Challenging Brahamanism and Caste and more recently, Seeking Begumpura: The Social Vision of Anti-caste Intellectuals along with numerous papers, articles and speeches.

She was also active in the Shramik Mukti Dal with her husband Bharat Patankar and worked for the cause of workers, farmers, agricultural labourers, dam evictees and women.

Communist Party of India conveys its condolence to her family members and to all grieving.



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