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CPI Congratulates Coal Workers

CPI congratulates Coal Workers for their 100% strike against government decision to allow 100% FDI in Coal Sector.

As per our expectations, 5,56,000 Coal Workers all over the country walked out of their posts from the first shift on 24th September 2019. This holds up 2.13 MT of Coal productions in a day causing a loss of Rs. 4000 crores. The workers had earlier urged the Central Government to withdraw their decision to allow 100% FDI in Coal Sector and to allow commercial coal mining. They are so firm that they even refused to attend a meeting called by the Coal Minister on 19th September 2019. Their point is simple: the demand to scrap 100% FDI in Coal Sector is non-negotiable!

AITUC congratulates the coal workers and the federations leading them: Indian Mine Workers Federation (AITUC), Indian National Workers Federation (INTUC), Hind Khadan Mazdoor Federation (HMS), All India Coal Workers Federation (CITU), All India Coal Miners Federation (AIUTUC) and AICCTU for their unity in struggle.

CPI also urges the Central Government to scrap the disastrous policy to allow 100% FDI in Coal Sector and to allow commercial coal mining immediately.



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