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CPI Deplores Hurried Corporatisation of Ordnance Factories

Communist Party of Indian general secretary D RAJA issued the following statement today (on October 16, 2021) deploring the Modi government’s hurried inauguration of corporatised seven defence companies:

Communist Party of India strongly deplores the hurried conversion of 41 Ordinance Factories into seven new defence companies. The Prime Minister has on October 15 shamelessly inaugurated the new defence companies ignoring opposition from all quarters — opposition from political parties including CPI, trade unions including AITUC and also the defence civilian employees’ unions — demolishing the 220-year old existing Indian Ordnance Factories as a part of the RSS-BJP government’s privatisation spree.

It may be recalled here that all those factories were set up at different points of time and have played a vital role in augmenting the defence preparedness of our country. The present move for conversion into non-viable corporations from October 1 is anti-national and will weaken the security and defence preparedness of the country. The defence civilian employees are already in the streets fighting against the unilateral decision of the Modi government.

CPI congratulates the four lakh defence civilian employees, their family members and even retired employees for their boycott of the live telecast of the so-called inaugural ceremony. In many places, even the local people’s representatives who were also invited for the inaugural function did not attend the function in support and solidarity to the employees.

The CPI urges the government of India to reconsider the decision, since corporatisation aimed at subsequent privatisation of Ordnance Factories is going to have very serious impact on the defence preparedness of our country and the ultimate sufferers will be the Armed Forces.



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