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CPI Expresses Serious Concerns over the Developments in CBI

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on January 12, 2019:

The developments in and around CBI, the premier investigative agency of the country, are very disturbing. The Modi government removed the Director of CBI Mr. Alok Verma. The Supreme Court has reinstated him. Within 48 hours the select committee headed by the Prime Minister shunted him out and made him Director General of Fire Services. Several allegations have been made against him based on CVC report. Both CBI and CVC are under question. The select committee removed him without giving an opportunity to explain his position.

It is reported Mr Verma instead of joining in his new position, opted for retirement. He has rejected all the allegation made against him.

The Communist Party of India, while deploring the developments in CBI due to the interference of the government, notes that the situation in CBI is getting more and more murkier. It has raised several questions with regard to the integrity of CBI. To restore the creditability of CBI is going to be a big challenge.


Office Secretary

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