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CPI Expresses Solidarity with the Revolting People of America against Racism

D. RAJA, General Secretary, Communist Party of India has issued the following statement:

Communist Party of India declares its solidarity with the people of America who are waging a militant struggle against racism on their soil. Led by African-Americans, many communities have joined the protests, united by their political desire to end inequality and indignity, and to radically restructure the society towards substantial democracy and justice. For decades, people of colour in America have faced the worst of police brutality, profiling, exclusion from resources and pushed into precarity and want.

The gruesome murder of George Floyd by a police person in Minneapolis in broad daylight with absolute immunity is deeply disturbing and condemnable. This killing has once again foregrounded the systemically exclusionary state structure prevalent in America.

It is heartening to witness the courage and zeal of African-Americans who have come out collectively and challenging the inherent racism within the state and society there. The slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ has once again reignited public discourse on the structural arrangement of power and its effects on the Black community. Carrying forward the legacy of Malcom X and Martin Luther King, the Black community joined by various communities relegated to the margins have come forth in resistance and unity in a time when the world is reeling under a pandemic. Despite the belligerent threats by President Trump, the people are standing their ground unitedly.

The CPI reiterates its wholehearted solidarity with the people’s resistance in America.



General Secretary

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