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CPI General Secretary D RAJA Leads the Party’s Nationwide Protest in the National Capital

The Communist Party of India General Secretary D Raja led the protesters in the national capital in front of central party headquarters, Ajoy Bhavan, on May 19, 2020. The protest is part of the call given by party for a nationwide protest against the indifference of the Modi government to the plight of migrant workers and poor people as well as to expose the hollowness of the Rs.20 lakh crore economic package announced by the Prime minister and the subsequent five-tranche package announced by union finance minister.

Reports reaching party headquarters speak of enthusiastic protestors demonstrating in front of central government offices in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and in various other states.

In Delhi the protesters raised slogans against the anti-people, anti-migrant, anti-poor stand of the central government and against the government’s refusal to help the migrants to reach the native places with free of charge and proper food.

General Secretary D. Raja who led the protestors said that the Prime Minister’s announcement of Rs. 20 lakh crore package and the details given by the Finance Minister are just political rhetoric. They have nothing substantial to address the present crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Indian economy has been sick and sinking because of the disastrous neo-liberal policies being pursued by Modi government for the past six years. COVID-19 added to the crisis.

He added that the people should not be allowed to feel helpless and live in despair. Therefore, the Communist Party of India has decided to intervene and protest against the callousness of the Union government. The party has given a call for a country wide protest.

The protesters who were holding placards and raising slogans demanded ‘Centre must provide adequate funds and financial support to the state governments’, ‘Run more trains and buses for migrant workers with food and drinking water’, ‘Give Rs. 10,000/- to each worker as travel allowance’, ‘Do not dilute MGNREGA’, ‘Increase number of days of work and timely payment for all adult members of each family under MGNREGA’, ‘Guarantee urban employment and shelter’, ‘No conditionality for ration and Pension’, ‘Ensure and enhance pension to elderly people, widows, differently abled, etc, and other social security measures’, ‘No dilution of labour laws’, ‘The issues of rural poor, small and marginal farmers need to be adequately addressed’.



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