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CPI General Secretary's brief note submitted to the meeting of all political parties in Parliament

Press Release: Brief  note submitted by Shri S. Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary, CPI at the meeting of Heads of all political parties represented in Parliament on June 19, 2019.


 Brief Note Submitted by Shri S. Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary, CPI to the Meeting of the Heads of all Political Parties represented in Parliament on June 19, 2019

a) Improving Productivity of the Parliament.

Parliament is the supreme body of the people of India. It should function properly. Such proper functioning will be possible if the government i.e. ruling party is more flexible with opposition. Their voice should be heard. Issues of people should be allowed to be raised and discussed on the floor of the house. Smooth running of the house is the responsibility of the government. The attitude should be give and take. Majoritarianism, manipulations will not help.

b) One country, one election proposal looks good but not practicable. India is a country with many diversities. Union and States both are constitutional bodies. There will be many problems in states. Governments will fall in between. You cannot prevent it artificially. There are tens of thousands of Panchayats in the country in which deaths, resignations, removal will make seats vacant.

This goes against the spirit of federalism. It serve countries Sweden, Belgium, South Africa have such one election system. They are small. So small like some big districts of India. Uttar Pradesh population is equivalent to combined Europe population.

We feel, narrow political thinking will destroy the autonomy of states. It will be a blow to democracy if states political authority is suffocated.

One Nation, One Election is not a electoral reform. We appeal to government and all political parties to discuss and accept “Proportional Representative System” so that Justice will be done to all political parties in the country. “First Past, Post System” is defective and does not reflect the real will of the people in the elections. Many countries in the world, including the young democratic country like Nepal are following “Proportional Representation”.

c) Building New India should reflect in practice. It is not only building huge wealth in the coffers of corporate but evitable distribution of wealth among the people. The gap between rich and poor is increasing alarmingly. 72 per cent of wealth in the hands of 10 per cent people, and 1 per cent have 50 per cent in their hands. This should go. India should be modern with scientific outlook New India should be destroy superstitions and outdated unscientific thinking and activities. New India should be secular, democratic and a participatory democracy with Right to Freedom of Speech, civil and human rights. Our vision of New India is a India with unity in diversity, with a confidence of security among Dalits, Adivasis and minorities. A nation with best of relationship between state and union on the basis of Sarkaria Commission recommendations.

d)  150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. He is the father of the Nation. Not only befitting celebrations but implement his idea of secularism. There should be severe punishment to those who insult his memory and glorify his killer.

e) All efforts should be made to develop the most backward districts, particularly drought prone and backward districts.

Other Issues

1. Appointment of impartial Election Commission should be dare like appointment of Lokpal.

2. There are wide spreads doubts about EVMs functioning. It is the responsibility of Election Commission to clear the doubts and attend the issues raised by many political parties and technocrats.

3. Agrarian crisis is very deep. Kisan suicides are continuing. This year there is terrific drought in many parts. The crop insurance did not help Kisan but helped insurance companies to reap huge profits. Chennai hotels are closed due to scarcity of waters. IT companies are closed. Some war footing help should be give.

4. Health problem is a very serious problem. As population grows more problems of basic necessities and health, water and shelter. A long term plan is need of the hour.


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