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CPI On Ayodhya Verdict

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on November 9, 2019 on Ayodhya Verdict:

The Supreme Court which is the highest dispute resolution institution as mandated by the Constitution has delivered the long awaited verdict on Ayodhya dispute. This marks an end to a legal battle going on for decades.

While upholding that all faiths are equal, the Apex Court has delivered this reconciliatory judgment. This should be seen in the larger perspective of ethics, justice and secularism. This should not be seen as a victory to any party or litigant and in the prevailing situation nobody should resort to any provocation.

The Communist Party of India appeals to both sides and the people all over the country to maintain peace and harmony. The Party will study the judgment closely considering its implications for the future.


Office Secretary

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