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CPI on Notification of CAA Rules

The Union home ministry in a calculated move notified the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) rules as amended by Parliament in 2019 on March 12, 2024, claiming that this would enable minorities persecuted on religious grounds in neighbouring countries to acquire citizenship in India.

It has been done on the day Supreme Court has directed the SBI to disclose details of electoral bonds.

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India questioning the timing of the notification said that it is only to polarize the people on the basis of religion hoping to take advantage in the ensuing elections.

The Party pointed out that our Constitution never meant to identify our people on the basis of religion. Religion is never a criterion for citizenship and to decide on the eligibility of citizens.

The Party strongly decries the move solely meant to suit the ruling party’s ‘divide and rule’ policy. It is part of BJP’s sinister design to polarize people while protecting the crony capitalists and corporate houses to continue their loot.

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