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CPI on NRC in Assam

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on September 03, 2019:

The publication of the final list of the National Register of Citizens in Assam has resulted in exclusion of 19.06 lakh persons from the list. There is a legitimate fear that a large number of Indian citizens will face serious consequences as they have been excluded so far.

We know the historical background of the introduction of NRC in Assam and respect the feeling of the Assamese people that the problems of foreigners living in Assam should be permanently resolved. At the same time we express our concern about the exclusion of such large number of people from the list. There are many anomalies in the list as it excluded the family members of former Indian President, ex army officers, present MLA’s and many other Indian citizens.

Those who are excluded can apply to the Foreigners Tribunal within 120 days but its final verdicts cannot be accepted as it is not a judicial body to take final call. Till then those who are excluded should not be sent to the detention camp as it is violation of the basic human rights.

Moreover there is no roadmap for those excluded from the NRC final list. The state and central government should spell out what will be the status and rights of those who have been excluded.

CPI feels it is important to have political consensus on this sensitive issue which has grave humanitarian dimension to avoid any negative consequences on the different communities living in Assam and rest of the country on communal and provincial line as BJP has already expressed its intention of introduction of the NRC in the rest of India for its own political gain.


Office Secretary

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