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CPI on PM’s Speech

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued on December 23, 2019 the following statement on PM’s speech in the national capital on NRC on December 22:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India finds Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that NRC is not on the agenda of the government while addressing a BJP rally in Delhi on December 22, 2019, after creating nationwide chaos and killing many who opposed the move. The prime minister seems to have lost all decency, concern for the poor and is desperate to cling on to power making use of BJP’s brute majority come what may.

The prime minister never bothered to take the people, elected state governments and Parliament into confidence on the issues of both CAA and NRC. He in fact even did not open his mouth when both the Houses of Parliament discussed CAB and NRC. He deputed his own colleague Union home minister Amit Shah to speak vehemently defending both CAB and NRC. Mr Amit Shah was even threatening to make NRC applicable to the entire country, resulting in countrywide violence, destruction of public properties and killing scores of innocent protesters.

It is high time the Modi government makes clear its stand on NRC. The Party reiterates its stand that the government should repeal the CAA and desist from bringing in NRC and National Population Register (NPR).


Office Secretary

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