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CPI Reiterates Demand to Make PM CARES Fund Transparent

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (August 19, 2020):

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India feels that the Supreme Court verdict on PM CARES Fund is a blow to transparency and accountability. The Party demands that the money collected by the PM CARES Fund should be brought under pubic audit and made transparent. In addition, one should note that the money donated to PM Relief Fund or NDRF has no tax relief but the donations to PM CARES Fund have tax relief and hence CSR money is diverted to this fund.

It is obvious that the government wants to use this money to build its image rather than using it to build capacities to fight corona crisis for which it was floated. People have a right to know as to how the money is spent and from whom it is collected. The Supreme Court judgment has allowed the government not to be accountable and not to present PM CARES Fund for public audit. This has resulted in the continuation of opaqueness and not making it transparent.

The party urges the apex court to reconsider the verdict.



Office Secretary

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