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Do Not Thrust NEET-JEE: CPI

Communist Party of India general secretary D RAJA issued the following statement today (August 28, 2020):

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India strongly objects to the way the central government is forcing the states and students to face the NEET and JEE under the wide spreading COVID-19 situation. The party wants to remind the central government that education is in the Concurrent List and the Centre should not impose unilaterally and in an authoritarian way the holding of the exams.

Several Chief Ministers have come out openly against NEET-JEE. Some of them are opposed to the very concept.

The Party urges the government not to proceed on this issue without the consent and concurrence of the state governments.

CPI is opposed to the education policy of the BJP government and the way the states are being undermined.



Office Secretary

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