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We are herewith releasing the full text of the letter written by CPI General Secretary Shri D. RAJA to Home Minister Shri Amit Shah asking him to provide adequate protection to State Election Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh.



Office Secretary


New Delhi

March 20, 2020

Dear Shri Amit Shahji

Sub: Seeking Protection for the Andhra Pradesh State Election Commissioner

We are in possesion of a copy of the letter that the State Election Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh, has sent to the Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs.

The letter gives in detail the measures taken by the State Election Commissioner so that free and fair elections are made possible for the local bodies. The letter also describes the horror that is being created by the instructions of the chief minister of the state that all the ministers will be held responsible for the election results, etc.

The letter also gives details of steps taken by the Election Commissioner. The letter also gives details of the apprehensions expressed by different opposition parties.

I believe that the autonomous functioning of the Election Commission at the level of state or Centre is extremely vital for smooth functioning of democracy in our country. Further, the elected Executive should never try to influence the decisions of the Election Commission. Therefore, any attempt by the elected executive to harass the Election Commissioner for any step he takes is highly objectionable.

I demand that the grievances expressed by the State Election Commissioner should be looked into and ensure that his security under no circumstances is compromised.

With regards

Yours sincerely



General Secretary


Shri Amit Shah

Minister for Home Affairs

Government of India

New Delhi

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