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For Favour of Publication - Seeking Adequate Protection to Kanhaiya Kumar and Jan-Gan-Man Yatra

We are herewith releasing the full text of the letter written by CPI General Secretary Shri D. RAJA to Bihar Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar asking him to provide adequate protection to Kanhaiya Kumar and the Jan-Gan-Man Yatra against CAA-NRC-NPR.


Office Secretary


Dear Shri Nitish ji

Sub: Seeking Adequate Protection to Kanhaiya Kumar

and Jan-Gan-Man Yatra

The purpose of my writing to you is to draw your attention and seek your intervention to stop the attacks on our Com. Kanhaiya Kumar, who is member of the National Executive of our Party and former President of JNUSU.

You are aware of the situation in the country today. The BJP led government at centre has plunged the whole country into a turmoil by passing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). It has become very clear by this time that CAA-NRC-NPR are to be understood as one entity. The CAA is discriminatory against one particular minority community and it is violative of the basic tenet of our Constitution on Citizenship.

The people of our country, irrespective of religions, regional, linguistic and caste affiliations are agitating and protesting from North to South, East to West and North-East to North-West of the country. The people have genuine concerns and worries. The CAA is not just against Muslims. Of course it is against Muslims, but it is against all the poorer sections and socially discriminated sections of our society.

Several State Legislative Assemblies have passed resolutions opposing CAA. The political parties except the Party in power at centre have been protesting and some of them which are considered to be close to the ruling party have expressed their concerns. In fact a delegation of the representatives of political parties including our Party CPI, went to President of India and pleaded that he should intervene and advice the government to repeal the CAA.

In Bihar, you know better, the people are agitating in a big way. Our Com. Kanhaiya Kumar has been leading a Jan-Gan-Man Yatra against CAA-NRC-NPR which started on January 30, 2020 from Bapudham, Champaran. It is likely to conclude on February 27, 2020 at Patna. There is huge response to this campaign. However, some forces and miscreants who are opposed this campaign, are targeting Com. Kanhaiya Kumar and attacking his convoy. Yesterday’s attack near Araha was fatal; somehow our comrade has escaped.

In this regard, I draw your attention to what Bombay High Court has said. That is people who went to agitate in a peaceful way “Cannot be called traitors, anti-nationals only because they want to oppose one law”.

I, therefore, request you to intervene and provide adequate protection to our Comrade Kanhaiya Kumar and the Jan-Gan-Man Yatra and also to take action against the culprits who attack Com. Kanhaiya Kumar and yatra.

Hope that you will do the needful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


General Secretary


Shri Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister

Government of Bihar


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