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US Verdict A Hard Blow To Rightwing Forces: CPI

Communist Party of India General Secretary D. RAJA said that the results of the US elections against Trump, though officially yet to be announced, is a definite blow to the rightwing forces and their policies. He was speaking, taking part in the celebration of the 103rd Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in the Party headquarters at Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi on November 7, 2020. After hoisting the Red flag amidst thundering slogans raised by the party comrades assembled, Raja said that the Great October Socialist Revolution that took place in Russia under the leadership of the Com. V.I. Lenin was the first socialist revolution in the world.

The October Revolution gave birth to a working class led state. Today, it assumes special significance in the background of the rejection of the Donald Trump and his rightist policies by the American people. Paying tributes to Com. V.I. Lenin, Raja said that his teachings and tactics of uniting the working class with the peasantry in the fight against right reactionary forces are relevant to us.

In India too, the working class and the farmers are hand in hand in the joint struggle against the anti-people, anti-worker and anti-farmer policies of Modi government. Extending full support to November 26, 2020 general strike and workers-farmers agitation Raja said that the Bihar assembly election verdict will also be a blow to the Rightwing communal forces in India.

Raja concluded his speech by saying that the Party will follow the Great October example and teachings of Com. V.I. Lenin.

CPI Delhi State Secretary Dinesh Varshney, party Delhi District leaders and wholetimers working in Ajoy Bhavan participated in the function.



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