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Homage to Com Perin Daji

More than nine decades of her life, she kept her commitment alive towards the toiling masses of the country and the greater cause. She was born on November 25, 1939, in an affluent Parsi family, but opted to leave the comforts of her home as she married Com Homi Daji, a renowned leader of the working class and one of the front runners of the Communist Party of India. She had set free Com Homi Daji from all the shackles of worldly responsibilities and shouldered them happily. However she was also politically active and took part in all the struggles launched by the party and the AITUC. She always stood against the wrong policies of the government and was not only merely wife of Com Daji, but also a brave fighter herself.

She helped in founding the state unit of the National Federation of Indian Women in Madhya Pradesh.

She fought for the cause of drivers and conductors of the buses, fourth grade employees of Geeta Bhawan Hospital, auto drivers, junior doctors, Asha Anganwadi workers, and finally Narmada Bachao activists as well.

She was the solace for the suffering, and fighter against injustice. She was 91, and nobody could imagine she would be no more one day.

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