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India Should not Succumb to US Pressure on Foreign, Defence Policies: CPI

The Foreign and Defence Ministers of India will meet their counterparts on October 27, 2020 to ink along with other defence deals the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA). Earlier, India had other three agreements namely General Security of Military Information agreement (GSOMIA) in 2002, the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) in 2016 and the Communications Compatibility and Security Arrangement (COMCASA) in 2018. All these agreements were signed during the BJP regime.

The above agreements have already facilitated the US administration to get India in creating conditions for military alliance with the US and its allies in Asia-Pacific region by undermining India’s military neutrality.

Signing of BECA will finally result in our military activities being integrated with the US system and will keep less space for independent movement for our own Army.

CPI is against of such agreements which will not help India but rather will part away from its independent foreign and defence policies. India was never part of any military alliance and should not be part of so-called Quad. Our foreign policy till today remains policy of peace and cooperation and it should not be transformed to a policy of aggression, confrontation and conflict by allying with the US imperialism.

CPI calls upon the government of India to pursue an independent foreign policy that is not only essential for the country and for the South Asian region, but has much more important role to play for the deprived populations of the world.



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