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May Day Greetings from CPI

Updated: May 1, 2021

May Day is the Day of International Solidarity of the working people the world over. On this occasion on behalf of the Communist Party of India (CPI), I convey our revolutionary greetings to all the working people of our country.

We must recall with pride, the patriotic role played by the workers of our country in those days in fighting for the freedom of our country. The workers and trade union leaders faced trials in the criminal cases foisted by the British with the charge of attempting to overthrow the British regime. This legacy continues even today and we find workers fighting for the cause of the people and our nation at large.

As the great leader of the working class Com V I Lenin said, working class is the most conscious section of the society and hence has to play a leading role in changing the exploitative society. In the present context, both in India in particular, and in most of the countries in the world, we find policies of Governments that are aggressively anti-people and pro-corporate.

Hence working class has an important and crucial role to play in the present scenario.

In our country, the present ruling dispensation led by the BJP is nakedly pursuing right-wing policies and trade unions. The Indian working class has the responsibility to unite all sections of the people to fight back these offensives. The current health crisis has completely exposed the failure of the BJP government in strengthening the public health and saving the lives of common people thereby it has lost all moral rights to stick on to power.

Red Flag of the working class is the only hope and the only guarantee for the present and future of the Nation. May Day is an occasion to re-dedicate ourselves to the struggle for emancipation of all sections of working people for a new social order free from exploitation.

On this occasion the CPI extends its solidarity and support to the working people world over.

With revolutionary greetings,

Comradely yours,



General Secretary, CPI

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