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On Hathras Heinous Crime

CPI General Secretary D. RAJA issued the following statement appealing to Party units and other Secular Democratic Parties

To Organise National Protest Against Hathras Heinous Crime

Dalit Lives Matter.

End Caste Based Violence.

Strengthen SC/ST POA ACT.

The 19-year-old young Dalit girl from Hathras, Uttar Pradesh who was brutally raped and physically brutalised succumbed to the injuries (29.09.2020) at Safdarjung hospital, Delhi. Her death is one more instance laying bare the violence of caste society and the absolute humiliation engendered by the ideology of Brahmanical Patriarchy. Her death poses a deep moral question upon the Indian ‘society’ which even after 7 decades of the formal establishment of the modern democratic republic continues to be organised and operating through the archaic, irrational and violent caste collectives.

While the four upper caste perpetrators have been arrested, this entire incident draws attention to the deplorable situation prevailing in Uttar Pradesh under Adityanath. According to the NCRB data, in the past few years, crimes against Dalits is on the rise and at the same time the convictions rates have substantially declined. The official statistics further indicate that UP is leading in crimes against Dalits especially Dalit women. Compounding upon this caste based sexual violence, is the tacit alliance of the Adityanath government with these criminals. In many cases like the Unnao rape case, the Chinmayanand case, the BJP government openly shielded and granted impunity to the caste elite perpetrators. During the protracted lockdown amidst the pandemic, the caste based violence and violations have grossly increased all over the country and especially in UP.

This tendency of the Adityanath government of subscribing to and practicing the unconstitutional caste norms is clearly in tune with the RSS agenda of establishing a Hindu Rashtra. A culture of violence is carefully being cultivated and social hierarchies are being bolstered. Violence is the cornerstone of this divisive vision of the Hindu rightwing.

The CPI condemns the Adityanath government for failing in its responsibilities as an elected government. Adityanath government has completely failed to uphold the constitution and to protect the human rights and dignity of the Dalits and adivasis. The CPI demands that CM Adityanath must step down; he has no moral right to continue as CM. The CPI demands stringent punitive action against the perpetrators under the SC/ST POA Act.

We call for a national protest to mark our resistance against the murderers of social justice. This protest is not only for justice for the young girl from Hathras but is also part of the larger call for Annihilation of caste and smashing patriarchy.

Dear comrades,

The Party has already given a call to observe October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti) as a day in defense of secularism and constitution. Now in the wake of Hathras, Party should organise protests at all levels on the day against casteism, communalism and fascism.



General Secretary

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