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Parties not Allowed to Express Their Views in DD: CPI

Communist Party of India national council secretary Binoy Viswam MP strongly protested at the refusal of the Doordarshan authorities in recording his election campaign speech for telecasting later on the plea that some portions of his speech are “violative of the Model Code of Conduct which prohibits criticism of other parties or their workers based on unverified allegations or distortion”. He was addressing the Media at the party headquarters in Ajoy Bhavan on April 18, 2019 after returning from DD without recording. The script of the speech was sent to the DD in advance and it seems that the last minute insistence of the DD to change those portions must be borne out from a calculated move to prevent the leaders of opposition political parties from conveying their honest views to the voters.

Binoy Viswam made it clear to the DD officials that he is representing a political party and is there to express the views of his party which are already in the public domain. Hence, he said, that he is not ready to make any change. When the officials were not ready to accept the speech as such, he asked them to give their objections in writing to which they readily agreed.

The para to which the script vetting committee objected as per the written reply is: Dalits, adivasis, minorities and women were tortured and suppressed by the NDA government which was led by the ideology of racial supremacy preached by RSS. They borrowed it from the schools of Musssolini and Hitler. Their doctrine was always subservient to the interests of the rich and casteist communal forces. If these same forces recapture power once again it will be the end of India’s cultural diversity. Because the hindutva philosophy is based on the brahminical hierarchy and that should be the religion of the nation. It is from that philosophy they evolved the ‘one nation, one culture, one language’ nation. Under Modi rule they have begun to talk about ‘one leader’ also.

The vetting committee comprising Subhash Kashyap, M P Lele, Ajay Chaturvedi and Adarsh K Azad also objected to “guided by fascist ideology” in para 2 of the script. It also said that “the guidelines for telecasts/broadcasts provide for avoidance of any criticism by name of any person and attacks on religions or communities or anything that is defamatory” and requested that the script may be revised.

Binoy Viswam further said that the above objections amount to violation of the right of any political party leader to express the party’s views to the voters and the voters’ right to know the viewpoints of all contesting parties and in fact are the reflection of the growing fascist grip imposed by the Modi government on the Media. He said that he will take up the issue with the Election Commission. It may be noted here that the same speech as such was recorded by the All India Radio.

The party general secretary who joined Binoy later said that even earlier another national council secretary Dr B K Kango had the same experience. He agreed with Binoy and said that the matter would be taken up with the Election Commission.


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