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The following is the communiqué issued at the press conference addressed by Communist Party of India General Secretary D Raja at the conclusion of the two-day National Executive Meeting held at Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi on September 23 and 24, 2019:

The meeting of the National Executive of the Party was presided over by Telangana state council secretary Chada Venkata Reddy. Party general secretary D. Raja presented the report on social, political and economic situations which was later adopted unanimously after thorough discussion. Besides D. Raja, Party National Council Secretaries Binoy Viswam M.P., Atul Kumar Anjaan, Dr. K. Narayana and Dr. B.K. Kango were also present at the press meet.

State of Economy

The Indian economy is in shambles. The National Executive of the Communist Party of India discussed at length the causes of crippling slowdown. The meeting underlined the fact that the slowdown in the economy is in fact, due to demonetisation that removed liquidity from the market and from then onwards started the economic slump. Crores of jobs in the unorganized sector have been lost, the real estate sector was ruined, the micro, small and medium industries were forced to close down their businesses and the rural economy was badly hit which is yet to recover even after three years. The manufacturing sector has shown a mere 0.6 percent growth and if the negative growth in the unorganized sector is taken into account, the GDP growth would be hardly 1%, as per the experts. The ill-timed introduction of GST and its faulty implementation immediately after the mammoth shock of demonetisation have further added fuel to fire thereby bringing the economy on a downward spiral. The economic crisis which began with demonetisation and faulty implementation of GST has broken the backbone of the economy from which the country is yet recover even partially.

The National Executive meeting felt that the revival in the economy can come about only if the rural economy is boosted and the purchasing power of the population is enhanced. The problem is on the demand side and not on the supply side and hence, unless it is addressed, providing stimulus to revive agriculture and improvement of rural economy, the measures announced by the Government will not be able to bring the economy back to its rails. On the other hand, we will soon face recession and deceleration. Many of the industries have already started announcing “non-production” days and started closing down their factories. This will make thousands more jobless. Already the unemployment problem is at its peak and the country has not seen such a kind of problem in the last 45 years.

The National Executive felt that subsequent policy measures aimed at pampering the corporate houses with the hope that such moves will boost growth not only misfired but also pushed the economy into deep crisis. Taking note of the grave crisis in the economy and all-out attempts by Modi Government to divert the attention of the people from their burning issues, the meeting urged upon all party units to moblise all sections of people and rally against the pro-corporate anti-people policies of the government.

All India Protest by Left

The National Executive while appreciating the joint initiative of the Left parties to hold a week-long protest from October 10, 2019 made it clear that it is going to be a prolonged strenuous struggle and urged the party units to prepare the masses under the Left banner along will all other democratic forces for such a long and fierce struggle.

Party Congratulates Striking Workers

The meeting congratulated the defence sector civilian employees who went on a successful strike against the privatisation nicknamed as corporatization of the Ordnance Factories in the country. The meeting also took note of the successful strike by the coal sector employees against 100 per cent FDI entry in the sector. The move has blotted the glorious history of Coal India Limited, a nationalized company which has been meeting the demands of the country of coal since its inception in 1971. On the other hand, it increases the risks of illegal and disastrous mining of coal as the private or foreign companies will only consider their profit, not the hazards. It also amounts to selling national assets to MNCs. The party also extends its support to the plan of Bank Employees and Officers to agitate for protecting public sector banks.

Party Extends its Support to Mass Organisations’ Programme

The party meeting decided to extend whole-hearted support to Trade Union struggles and AITUC centenary celebrations, BKMU’s long campaign. It also appealed to the party units to make the NFIW National Conference in December 2019 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, AIYF National Conference in February 2020 in Telangana and the AIPSO National Conference in January 2020 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh a great success.

Political Developments

On the political front the National Executive is of the opinion that the constitutional supremacy of parliament as the law making body is being trampled, as seen in adopting during the monsoon session many bills using thre BJP’s brute majority in Lok Sabha and with the connivance of some opposition parties. The NIA, UAPA, RTI and several other bills including the Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill were passed without extensive deliberation and consultation. There is a genuine growing apprehension growing that parliament will made redundant and conditions will be created for the presidential form of government leading to the emergence of fascism in full scale. The Prime Minister’s reiteration on ‘’one nation, one election’’ during his address on Independence Day and the Home Minister’s assertion that multi-party democracy has failed and also linking Hindi with unity and identity of the nation have further strengthened this apprehension.

J & K and NRC

The meeting urged the party units to collect facts about the Jammu and Kashmir situation, inform the public at large in the country on the plight of the people living in the state. Similarly the BJP government is turning every stone to find the issues which can forge division among the people of India. The party also demands restoration of all democratic rights to the people of Kashmir and immediate release of all detained political leaders and other people. The final list of NRC released on 31st August, 2019 excluded more than 19 lakh people in Assam. Though those dropped can make an appeal in the Foreigners Tribunal till 31st December, 2019, the intention of the government is clear that it wants to create frenzy and a divide among people. The government is planning to extend the NRC from Assam to all other states of the country. Already the Chief Ministers of Haryana, Jharkhand and UP have hinted using Assam’s experience to start the NRC process in their respective states.

Mob Lynching

On the continuing attacks against Dalits the party pointed out that in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, the incidents of violence against Dalits and in particular Dalit women are on increase because of the impunity guaranteed by the state enjoyed by the culprits. Incidents of gang-rapes are also increasing and BJP leaders are alleged to be involved in such incidents. In Maharashtra, Dalit and ST students have been denied the reservation rights in admission to foreign universities. Even Indian universities do not follow the norms of reservation in admissions. Mob lynching is a term used to camouflage the killings by a unified group of people who still remain away from the hands of the law.


Besides, a new blow has come from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat statement calling a debate on reservations given to SC, ST and OBC people. After Triple Talaq, Article 370, and Ram Mandir construction, the abrogation of reservation is on the agenda of RSS. The BJP government is trying to implement the diktats of RSS in a way that on the one hand, people of India remain divided on the issue of ‘merit’, religion, etc. while on the other hand all the neo-liberal anti-labour and pro-capitalist policies are being implemented smoothly.

Assembly Elections

In coming Assembly Elections in Haryana and Maharashtra, our party will try to defeat the BJP and its allies with the help of Left, Democratic and secular forces.

CPI to Launch Political Campaign

The Party has decided to launch an independent political campaign from October 2-November 7, 2019 on ideological and political issues.


Office Secretary

Communist Party of India

National Executive Meeting on September 23 and 24, 2019, at Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi

1. Resolution on Naga Agreement

The National Executive of the Communist Party of India at its meeting in Delhi on September 23 and 24, 2019 took note of the reports that the government of India and NSCN-IM have signed an agreement on the Nagaland issue, the details which are being kept as a secret. There are genuine apprehensions among the people of Northeastern states on the contents of the agreement as well as on Nagaland’s observing the independence day on 14th August with its own flag.

Hence the Communist Party of India demands that the government of India must make the agreement public and clear the apprehension of people.

2. Resolution to Protect Nallamala Forest in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

The National Executive of the Communist Party of India at its meeting in Delhi on September 23 and 24, 2019 took note of the fact that the Telangana Assembly has passed a resolution urging Central government not to mine uranium for atomic plants from Nallamala forests. Communist party endorses the resolution passed to protect Natural forest and environment. As alternative sources of energy are now available emphasis on atomic energy as a cheap source of electricity needs to be reconsidered. Rights of livelihood of poor and tribals must be protected.

The previous government had also dropped the idea of mining uranium from that area. Hence the Communist Party appeals to government of India and Atomic Energy Commission to stop the mining and protect the natural forest in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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