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Private Airlines Looting People during Festival Season: CPI

The CPI National Secretariat issued the following statement on March 2, 2020 accusing the private airlines of looting the people during festival season:

The CPI National Secretariat is given to understand that the private airlines are looting air passengers during festival seasons by increasing air fare many - fold as compared to non-festive seasons and urged the government to intervene.

The Party draws the attention of the Union Civil Aviation Minister and urges him to intervene immediately as during the Holi festival, the private airlines are squeezing the common passengers by increasing the air fare between prominent state capitals and major cities. In most of the cases, airfare has gone up triple times comparing with normal charges or non-festivity periods.

It seems the private airlines are violating the agreement with the government. A ticket booked in advance for March 7 from Mumbai to Lucknow is costing Rs 15,305 as compared to around Rs 6,000 in normal days by Go Air. Similarly, the charges of Indigo between Delhi to Lucknow are Rs 9,047 for March 7 while Go Air is charging Delhi to Lucknow Rs 8,867 for March 7.

The Party feels that this is high time that the government intervenes and saves the passengers.


Office Secretary

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