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Recall the Lakshadweep Administrator: CPI

Updated: May 26, 2021

Communist Party of India general secretary D Raja has issued the following statement today (on May 25, 2021) demanding the recall of anti-people and authoritarian Lakshadweep administrator:

The Communist Party of India notes with anguish and indignation the anti-people and authoritarian acts of Lakshadweep administrator Praful K Patel. The BJP government at the Centre has been misusing the constitutional authorities including the governors to implement its Hindutva agenda and topple democratically elected governments. It has been doing so in West Bengal, Puducherry, other states and UTs. The latest is its misuse of the administration in Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep is an island and the majority of the population there is of Muslims. The administrator has started dictating what the people of the island should eat. The people are annoyed, angry and upset over the happenings.

The Party wants the President of India, who is the constitutional head and custodian of all statutes must take note of the misuse of official machinery by the BJP government. President must take steps to end anti-constitutional moves.

The Party demands immediate recall of the administrator.



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