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Republic Day Gift to Tatas – Air India Handed Over

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued today (on January 28, 2022) the following statement on handing over of Air India to Tatas:

In pursuance of the policy of the present BJP/NDA Government to encourage private corporate sector, as announced by the Government, Air India has been formally handed over to the Tatas. It appears that it is a Republic Day gift to the Tatas.

69 years ago, Air India was taken over by the Government in 1953 by the then Jawaharlal Nehru Government. Since then, the Government has invested huge money in this prestigious national airline. Like many other public sector companies, Air India was also deliberately mismanaged to discredit it and the same has been used to advocate privatisation of Air India.

With this privatisation of Air India and handing it over back to the Tatas, India now has the dubious distinction of not having an official national airline for the Indian Government. It has to depend on the private airlines for all its needs. It is very unfortunate indeed.

Given the large number of fleets that Air India has and coupled with the huge assets Air India has including landed property, it is obvious that Air India has been given to the Tatas for a throw away price and Government is bearing the brunt of the liabilities. Already SBI has extended a loan of Rs. 10,000 crores to Tatas to run Air India. Thus, Tatas and Air India will now be pampered to the hilt.

At a time, when report after report are revealing the increasing inequality in India, instead of strengthening public sector, the Government has become the biggest marketing agent for the private corporate sector.

CPI calls upon the Government to cry a halt to this privatisation spree and save the country and the people from the economic devastation that is bound to follow these liberalisation policies.



Office Secretary

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