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Time to Act for Saving Planet and Human Civilisation

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India agrees with the United Nations general secretary that all the countries must act together to protect the planet and to save humanity. He has warned the leaders of 190 countries meeting at Glasgow at Scotland for environmental conference that if we fail we are digging our own graves.

It was in Paris in 2015 that all the countries had agreed to act and to limit the global warming to 1.5 degree centigrade. Though United States under President Trump withdrew from that agreement, now President Biden it has rejoined.

The Party feels that United States and developed European countries must strictly adhere to the Paris goals. They should take urgent measures to reduce emissions to zero level by 2050 and by 2030 up to 45 per cent as agreed in Paris. It is only a fact that they are the biggest polluters and hence must take the responsibility of addressing the issue.

China has agreed to reduce emission to zero level by 2060 and India announced to do the same by 2070.

Developing nations and underdeveloped nations are not major polluters and need technology and money to raise the standard of living of their people. For this, developed countries must come forward to assist them as promised instead of paying only lip service and not releasing funds of 100 billion dollars as promised. The recent meeting of G-20 which failed to arrive at any consensus is an indicator of this.

There is also a trend to dilute the targets when it comes to domestic policies for corporate profits at the cost of environment. The high-sounding commitments will not have any meaning if such domestic policies persist as we have seen in our country that environment is compromised for corporate profits.

The National Secretariat of the CPI reiterates its demand that developed nations must keep their commitments and act to save planet and human civilization. It also wants developing countries to have a domestic policy of sustainable development, giving importance to environmental protection.



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