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Union Budget: Pro-Corporate – Anti-Poor

Communist Party of India General Secretary D Raja issued on February 1, 2020 from Kolkata the following statement terming the Union Budget 2020-21:

The Communist Party of India feels totally disgusted and annoyed at the proposals in the Union Budget 2020-21 presented by Union Finance Minister. Budget shows that the government is in crisis as the Indian economy which is in deep crisis. Current Budget 2020-2021 is a shameless declaration that government is abdicating all its responsibilities and working towards large scale participation of domestic private sector and foreign investors. This budget is a budget for privatization and everything is to be done using PPP route including railways, health and infrastructure.

Selling stakes in LIC is another retrograde move. The actual expenditure on food subsidy in 2019-20 is reduced by the current budget by Rs.75,000 crores. When the claim of 5 trillion economy is a pipe dream, the announcement of the Finance Minister of 5 slab personal income tax concessions is unrealistic. Despite the repeated claim of the government to double the income of the farmers, the distress continues. No hope to be seen in the budget for the millions of unemployed youth of the country. In real terms the budgetary provision for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and other poorer sections is extremely inadequate. The government proposal to bring in technology to end manual scavenging is vague and unclear. Education and other social infrastructure also do not get adequate support from the budget.

For revenue mobilization government is desperate to sell out all PSUs thereby breaking the fundamentals of economy. At the same time the government is giving massive concessions to the corporate houses.

The present budget is one which is pro-corporate, anti-poor and anti-farmer. The party calls upon all sections of the people particularly working people to continue to fight against the Modi government.


General Secretary

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