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Unite to Protect India’s Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity

Communist Party of India General Secretary D. Raja participated in the All-Party meeting convened by the Prime Minister on June 19, 2020 after being repeatedly demanded by CPI and other opposition parties.

Party General Secretary made the following points:


  • CPI appreciates the government for convening the All-Party Meeting even though it is late.

  • Our Party salutes the martyred Soldiers and Officers who sacrificed their precious lives on June 15th.

  • Every Indian is proud of our Defence Forces for their valour and dedication in defending the security and borders of our country. They are Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. The whole country stands behind them.

2. Security and foreign policy positions of our country are evolved on the basis of national consensus. The government should take political parties, Parliament and people into confidence on all these matters.

3. India China Stand-off

  • Coming to the current stand-off between India and China, our Party is of the view that no compromise on sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country should be made.

  • Status quo at the Line of Actual Control should be respected and restored as it was till April 2020.

  • India and China are Asian countries which claimed to stand for Asian Century.

  • Right now the relations between our country and the neighbouring countries, Pakistan and Nepal, remain hostile. We have problems with Sri Lanka also.

  • In such a situation, the US tries to drag India into a kind of military alliance to establish its own influence in our region. The Government must be cautious about this.

  • India having good neighbourhood relations becomes crucial for national stability and well-being. It means India should evolve a proper South Asian Policy.

  • The immediate task is to intensify negotiations at the highest level to resolve the boundary disputes between India and China. It will ensure peace and stability. Both the countries should respect “the importance of respecting each other’s sensitivities, concerns and aspirations” as outlined in the Joint Statement issued after the first Summit between Indian Prime Minister and Chinese Leader.

  • The political parties in India should stand together in defence of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. The whole country should stand as one.

  • CPI stands for such unity.


Office Secretary

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