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Farmer's Protest Rally in front of the Parliament in Delhi on November 30, 2018.

During the last two decades such a big farmer’s protest rally was not seen in front of the parliament, Delhi as it was witnessed on 30th November, 2018. Millions of the farmers of the country and their agony pain and neglect by the central and state governments was manifested in yesterday’s farmers rally. There were more than a lakh gathered to ventilate their urgent demands. All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination committee (AIKSCC) which is the conglomeration of 208 farmers’ organisation, societies and NGOs, in which left farmer’s organisation especially AIKS played an important part in organising this protest. All India Kisan Sabha played a pivotal role to bring them together and to synchronize the various demands and pin pointedly focus on loan waiver bill to be passed in Parliament and fully implementation of Swaminathan Committees Recommendations.

The rally culminated in public meeting addressed by leaders of various political parties.

On behalf of AIKS the General Secretary Com. Atul Kumar Anjaan has congratulated the farmers and various organisations for the show of strength which compelled the leaders of various political parties to come on one platform and he further hoped that this will also compel the political class to concede the demands of the farmers. In his address he further asked the top political leaders of the various political parties to put prominently and pledge to implement farmers demand in their respective poll manifesto to be drafted for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Com. Atul Kumar Anjaan General Secretary, AIKS

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