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Uphold Legacy of Bhagat Singh - Defeat BJP and its Allies

D RAJA, general secretary, CPI has issued the following appeal to the people and the party cadres today (March 18, 2021):

Uphold Legacy of Bhagat Singh

Defeat BJP and its Allies

Our country is at a critical juncture in its history. Our people and our leaders sacrificed a lot to get our country free from British and other colonial rule. But as our republic is maturing, another kind of subordination is threatening our country and the future of our coming generation. This is the subordination of our nation in front of corporate finance capital and communal fascism.

Our struggle for political independence was fought on two fronts: the fight against imperialism and the struggles against the evils of our society. It is a great setback to the progress we have made on both the fronts that the interests of our people are being subordinated to corporate finance capital and the evils of our society like communalism, caste injustice and inequalities of gender which are resurfacing with greater vigour supported by the ascendancy of Hindutva ideology.

Corporate domination and emboldening of old hierarchies in the society is the direct result of the BJP-RSS coming to power at the centre and in many states and they are trying to widening our society’s fault-lines while subverting our Constitution and the values enshrined in it.

In this context, the coming assembly elections for four states (Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal) and the Union Territory of Puducherry assume much significance. The BJP is looking at these elections as the gateways to the Southern and Eastern parts of the country while the people of the states and all secular-democratic forces see BJP as a threat to the constitution, communal harmony, social justice and the culture of their states. We are in this fight against BJP and its allies and extend our support and ensure the victory of Left and secular democratic candidates. The defeat of BJP and its allies in these elections will give confidence, clarity and energy to our people in their struggle to reclaim our republic and its socialist, secular and democratic fabric.

On 23rd March this year, the 90th Martyrdom Anniversary of the revolutionary freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru will be observed. Bhagat Singh and his comrades were inspired by the Russian Revolution and the ideas of Marx and Lenin. They fought not for the domination of any particular identity after independence but for the betterment of the workers and peasants. The India of their dreams was a secular country with respect and cordiality among the diverse constituents of the country. The India of their dreams is under threat today and it would be befitting to observe their martyrdom anniversary in great numbers taking their ideas of socialism, secularism and equality to the people by organising various kinds of activities.

Our youth and student fronts, the AIYF and the AISF, are already demanding an employment guarantee act remembering Bhagat Singh. Carrying forward its revolutionary traditions, the CPI puts forward the demand before the Central Government to declare the Martyrdom of Bhagat Singh and his comrades a national public holiday. Our party should observe the day as “Inquilab Diwas” to honour their memory and to take their ideas to the people of the country. The party urges all its units and popular fronts to observe 23rd March as “Inquilab Diwas”, form public opinion around the ideas of Bhagat Singh and push for the demand of “Inquilab Diwas” being declared a national public holiday.




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