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"Assam's United Opposition: A Diverse Alliance Against the BJP"

The political landscape in Assam is witnessing a significant shift as the United Opposition forum, led by the Congress party, strives to create a united front to challenge the ruling BJP in the upcoming elections. This alliance brings together a diverse range of regional and national parties, each with its own agenda and support base.

Ripun Bora, the Assam unit chief of the Trinamool Congress, emphasizes the need for understanding and cooperation among all alliance partners to avoid misunderstandings. He also advocates for providing space to small regional parties, even if they are not official partners, to maintain a supportive environment.

However, logistical challenges have led to a decision for the United Opposition parties to campaign separately. Despite this, Bhupen Bora, the President of the Congress's state unit, remains hopeful that these differences will not hinder their unity in confronting the BJP.

The alliance includes parties like the Trinamool Congress, Assam Jatiya Parishad, Jatiya Dal Assam, Raijor Dal, and left parties such as the CPI, CPI(M), and CPI(ML) Liberation, along with national parties like the RJD, NCP, and LDP. Together, they aim to present a formidable challenge to the BJP, setting the stage for a closely watched political battle in Assam.

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