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Avast Vs Webroot – Which is Better?

Avast and Webroot are the two most popular antivirus software providers. Both offer excellent tools and customer support that can assist users with any questions they may have. Both have extensive FAQ pages and premium customers get unlimited support tickets. Avast’s site offers troubleshooting options as well as answers to commonly asked questions, while Webroot’s support team is accessible through social media, phone, or live chat.

The user interface of security suites is yet another aspect to be considered. The simpler and more user-friendly the interface is, the better it is for the user. Both Avast and Webroot have simple interfaces that are simple to use, and they both come with a number of tutorials and “learn more” buttons.

Both security suites provide a good level of protection against malware and they both protect Macs and Android devices. Avast provides a more complete package, with multi-device as well as password management, whereas Webroot is a more mystic vpn basic solution which only provides anti-virus and malware protection.

Winner: Avast

Avast is the clear winner in this category. It has the best malware-protection, according to the most recent assessments by AV Comparatives and SE Labs. Webroot, on the other hand, didn’t participate in these tests, and only scored average-at-best in previous tests. This is due to the fact that Webroot’s unique testing methodology isn’t consistent with the way independent test labs evaluate antivirus software. Webroot for instance uses malware samples in the virtual environment to test their behavior. This could impact the results of some tests.

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