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Binoy Viswam wrote to the PM regarding (HEC) who have not received their salaries for last 20months

I am writing this to express my concern about the plight of over 3,000

employees of Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) who have not received their

salaries for the last 20 months. HEC is one of India's oldest and ablest Public Sector

Units which has played a crucial role in India's space program with years of critical

service to the nation, including manufacturing the launch pad for the much

celebrated Chandrayaan-III.

Despite their contributions, the employees of HEC are now struggling to make

ends meet. Many of them have been forced to take on part-time jobs as autorickshaw

drivers, street vendors, and daily wage labourers to support their families. Some have

had to draw their provident fund and take on loans to get by. The delay in salary

payment is due to a number of factors, including the absence of a full-time

chairman-cum-managing director. However, workers who have made invaluable

contribution to the country are suffering for no fault of their own should not be

acceptable. These employees have worked hard to build India's space program and

other important industrial infrastructure. It is a disgrace that they are now being

forced to live in penury and uncertainty.

In this context, I urge you to intervene immediately and take steps to ensure

that HEC employees are paid their salaries in full and on time. The government must

also provide a financial package to help them tide over this difficult period and also

take steps to ensure that the HEC is revived. It is important to remember that these

employees are the backbone of India's industrial sector and play a crucial role in the

country's development.

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