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CPI Demanded Halt on the Release of Telugu Movie Razakar


ommunist Party of India leaders Binoy Viswam (MP & National Secretary)

and K. Narayana (National Secretary) met the Regional Director of the Central

Board of Film Certification today demanding to stop the release of the Telugu

movie Razakar. The movie Razakar, produced by a BJP leader, is an attempt to

twist facts and give communal colors to the history of Telangana. The movie is

an attempt to communally polarize the electorate before the Telangana assembly

elections. CPI leaders explained the situation to the Regional Director of Film

Certification Board and demanded that the movie be scrutinized properly and

should not be released.

CPI MP Binoy Viswam also wrote to Prasoon Joshi, Chairperson of the

Central Board of Film Certification to scrutinize and verify the historical

inaccuracies in the movie before issuing certification to prevent

communalization of the society by using cinema, as had happened before

through movies like The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story.

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