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"CPI Leader D. Raja Questions Prime Minister on Not Visiting Strife-Torn Manipur"

In a recent development, CPI (Communist Party of India) leader D. Raja has raised questions about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision not to visit strife-torn Manipur. October 02, 2023

The state of Manipur has been facing a challenging situation marked by unrest and conflict, and D. Raja's inquiry adds to the growing concerns regarding the region's stability.

D. Raja's query highlights the role of political leaders in addressing crises and providing support to regions in distress. The absence of a visit from the Prime Minister raises questions about the government's response to the situation in Manipur and the urgency of finding a resolution to the issues plaguing the state.

This development underscores the importance of political leaders' actions and statements in times of crisis, as they can significantly impact the perception of government responsiveness and commitment to resolving conflicts.


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