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CPI MP Binoy Viswam Demands Vande Bharat Train for Trivandrum

I write this letter to bring your immediate attention to the persistent neglect

and discrimination towards Trivandrum by the Indian Railways. Trivandrum, the

capital of Kerala, is one of the most vibrant and fast-growing cities in India. The

economic capacity and potential of Trivandrum can be nurtured and utilised if

connectivity is enhanced. The railway is one of the most efficient mediums of

connectivity and transportation. Unfortunately, the absence of robust allocations

and planning in the Indian Railway is hindering the development of entire Southern

Kerala region.

Numerous projects that focus on infrastructure development and the

modernization of stations are at crossroads in Trivandrum division. These projects

include doubling rail-lines, construction of over-bridges, electrification etc. Recently,

a Vande Bharat train allotted to the Trivandrum division was reneged by the officials.

Such levels of neglect and ice-cold attitude are obstructing the prospects of

development in Trivandrum. Trivandrum Central station, which is one of the key

stations in the Southern Railway awaits comprehensive allocation and development

The discrimination towards Trivandrum Central railway station and the Southern

Kerala region must come to an end immediately.

Considering the people’s demands and the current situation, I urge you to

intervene for faster development of Railway infrastructure including ensuring Vande

Bharat train to Trivandrum, allocation of more trains and coaches with good quality

and endorse projects to ensure high-speed connectivity for the holistic development

of the region.

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