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CPI on the Elections

The results of the 18th Lok Sabha election have ended the one party authoritarian, corporate backed communal fascist rule of BJP headed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The people of India have given their verdict in defence of our constitution and secular democratic fabric of our country and against the politics of hate, discriminations, growing unemployment, attacks on federalism, minorities, democratic and human rights and unparallel miseries of the people with high price rise.

CPI congratulates the people for opposing and challenging the BJP by giving their verdict in defence of “Idea of India” enshrined in the constitution.

While congratulating the parties of INDIA block for their performances, CPI believes that the BJP could have been cut to size more if there could have been better seat-sharing among the partners and united campaigns.

CPI also wants to register its criticism against the Election Commission of India for its failure to contain the hate speeches by Narendra Modi on the issues of communal polarization.

CPI will continue to play its important role within the INDIA block as it can play an important role in mobilizing the Indian people in defence of their fundamental rights and for a better future.

The results of the Left as a whole and CPI in particular demands proper introspection. Party will critically review the election results when detailed reports will be available.

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