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Denial of Rights to LGBTQ+ Community Unfortunate:CPI MP Binoy Viswam

The Supreme Court of India today passed a judgement on the issue of marriage

equality for persons from the LGBTQ+ community. The Hon’ble Supreme

Court in a split verdict of 3:2 have refused to instate the right to civil union for

LGBTQ+ persons. This judgement is disappointing as persons belonging to

the LGBTQ+ community were looking at the Supreme Court with great hope

since it is certain that the current BJP government will not look at the issue

with any sympathy.

Reacting to the development CPI Parliamentary Party Leader Binoy Viswam

stated that “The Supreme Court’s judgement must be seen in the light of the

submissions made by the RSS controlled BJP’s Union Government at the

center. The Prime Minister, and several other senior ministers, are proud

former members of the RSS. The patriarchal institution of the RSS continues

to deny women primary membership and are contemptuous towards the

LGBTQ+ community. It is certain that this government is not concerned about

the rights of these marginalized communities and their legitimate social

rights. We stand committed in ensuring the right to equality for the LBGTQ+

community and realizing their legitimate human rights such as the right to

marriage and allied benefits associated to it.”

He further said that “It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court has pushed the

ball in the government’s court on this crucial issue which is unlikely to take

up the issues of rights of the marginalized people. There has been a continous

delay in securing similar rights such as reservations for the transgender

community. We can no longer be oblivious to the continued struggle of these

gendered and sexual minorities.”

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