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Ecommerce Design Mistakes

The design of your ecommerce website is vital to the success of any online business. It improves user experience, reflects on your brand, and helps with your search engine optimization efforts. It’s easy to make mistakes which can hurt sales. From ineffective platforms to a lack of calls-to-action, these ecommerce design mistakes can cause conversion optimization problems.

Avoid these ecommerce blunders to boost sales and provide a great online shopping experience.

Too too much information:

Many designers who do not have the proper expertise in e-commerce design attempt to squeeze too many elements onto their website. This can result in a messy design and can cause confusion for customers. A lot of information can hinder shoppers from making an informed purchase decision.

Poor image quality:

High-quality images of products are essential to convert online buyers. This is particularly true for ecommerce sites that sell clothing and accessories. It is important to include several images and photos for each product so that customers can view the features and other details. Make sure that the images are clear, and that they show the product from all angles.

Not enough explanation of products:

The main reason that shoppers visit an eCommerce website is to learn more about the product they’re considering buying. This is why it’s vital that your product descriptions are easy to understand and aren’t filled with terminology.

Too many clicks

Online customers have a lot of patience when it comes to slow-loading web pages. A lengthy page load time can cause customers to abandon your website. To avoid this, make use of responsive designs for e-commerce that adapt to mobile devices and allow shoppers to sign in using their Google or social media account.

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