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CPI condemns Israeli air strikes on Palestinian Refugee Camp of Jenin

CPI condemns the military and air strikes by Israel on the Palestinian refugee camp of Jenin, part of occupied West Bank for the last few days in the name of fighting terrorism. Already 12 Palestinians was killed, more than 200 are injured and thousands are displaced.

CPI demands immediate end to air strikes and other repressive measures by the IDF on the Palestinian people in Jenin refugee camp.

CPI calls upon the international community to take necessary measures to stop Israel to continue its aggressions and illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

CPI expresses its concern when even US, UK and EU have condemned the Israeli actions, the government of India remains ‘silent’ which goes against our long standing support to the Palestinian cause.

CPI calls upon Indian people to redouble its solidarity with the Palestinian people so that they can achieve an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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